Message from President


President  Eishin Ihori
Deputy President  Masahiro Sasahara


We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of you for your continued support of the Hokuhoku Financial Group and its group companies.


In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, amid a further increase in exports, the Japanese economy demonstrated clear resilience in domestic demand centered on corporate sectors such as capital investment and inventory investment, and private consumption also followed a gradual track of recovery with improvement in the employment and income environment. The gradual recovery continued in the overseas economy as well, led by developed countries such as the United States, which continues its economic expansion, and helped by the firm economy in China.

In the Group’s primary operating regions, the three Hokuriku prefectures, in addition to maintaining high production levels for categories such as electronic components and business machines, private consumption steadily recovered, and there was significant tightening of labor supply and demand. Moreover, in Hokkaido, in addition to the effect of the economic boost from public-sector investment centered on disaster restoration, against the backdrop of increasing tourism-related capital investment and firm private consumption, the entire economy of Hokkaido maintained a track of recovery.


In the economic environment surrounding the Group, while the global economy is expected to continue to recover, uncertainty remains mainly in the policy operations of the United States government, political conditions in Europe and the trends in the Chinese economy, and the future is difficult to predict, including the effects of the uncertainty on the Japanese economy.

In the financial field, in addition to ongoing unprecedented low interest rates, an expansion in financial services driven by information technologies such as fintech is having a significant effect on the business models of financial institutions.


Aiming to build a new business model that can respond to these changes in the business environment, we formulated the Medium-term Management Plan “BEST for the Region” for fiscal 2016 through fiscal 2018, and are promoting various policies centered on “Strengthening Marketing Capabilities,” “Improving Management Efficiency” and “Strengthening Management Foundation.”

(1) Strengthening Marketing Capabilities

With a customer-oriented approach as our top priority, we will continue to develop personnel, improve products and increase the convenience of various transactions using information technologies, accurately capturing the needs and challenges of our customers and working to provide appropriate recommendations.

(2) Improving Management Efficiency

In response to market conditions, we will open full-banking branches providing overall financial services and branches specializing in counter services and individual sales, continually working to offer efficient branch operations. Moreover, with the further automation of office operations and expansion of centralized back office operations, we are working to improve efficiency and productivity.

Regarding system investment as well, we are further advancing the integration of the individual systems at Hokuriku Bank and Hokkaido Bank, working to balance control of investment amounts with service improvement and streamlining of operations.

(3) Strengthening Management Foundation

In this fiscal year as well, we are working to accumulate profit and aiming to maintain and improve our sound financial foundation in accordance with the Plan.

Furthermore, to strengthen the management control systems of Group companies, we are working to improve the deliberation of important items at the Board of Directors, and by utilizing the knowledge and experience of external Directors and exercising the oversight function of the Audit and Supervisory Committee, we are working to increase the effectiveness of the Board of Directors’ function and to strengthen governance.


Every executive and employee of the Group will work together to sustainably increase corporate value by steadily accumulating results for each of these policies.


We ask for your continued support and patronage.



June, 2018

President  Eishin Ihori
Deputy President   Masahiro Sasahara

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