Message from President


     President  Hiroshi Nakazawa
Deputy President  Yuji Kanema


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your continued patronage to the Hokuhoku Financial Group and subsidiary companies.


As for the business environment surrounding our Group, economic activity has been moving toward normalization, and the regional economy shows signs of recovery.On the other hand, global inflationary pressures are increasing due to supply-constraints and soaring prices of energy and food products resulting from heightened geopolitical risks, as well as to tight labor market conditions.

As a result of the substant tightening of money policy in various countries, there have been sharp fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and revisions in their monetary policy. Therefore, the future outlook remains still uncertain.


Under these circumstances, our Group is now in its second year of the fifth medium-term management plan "Go forward with Our Region" (FY2022FY2024), which we defined to achieve the sustainable growth (go forward) together with local communities and customers.We believe that providing value tailored to the customer's life stage through our various services and functions will also contribute to the sustainable growth of local communities and customers.


All officers and employees will work together to contribute to the sustainable growth of the region by solving the problems of the local community and customers.


 We would like to ask for your continued support and patronage.



June, 2023

President  Hiroshi Nakazawa
Deputy President   Yuji Kanema

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