Message from President


President  Eishin Ihori
Deputy President  Masahiro Sasahara


  We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued patronage of Hokuhoku Financial Group and its subsidiaries.


  The environment surrounding the Group has changed significantly since the outbreak of the COVID-19. Various demands have been lost due to decrease in activities of people, and it has affected the whole economy as we can see in deterioration in business confidence, production adjustment, postponement of capital investment and deterioration in employment environment. The impact on the regional economy, which has structural issues such as declining birthrate, aging population and outflow of population to urban areas, is intense and the outlook for the future is uncertain.


   In such an environment, our group will make full use of our ability to propose optimal solutions to customers with the wide range of financial products and services, which we have honed through our daily effort to meet customers' various needs and to carry out the medium-term management plan, "ALL for the Region". As a regional financial institution, we will exert our financial intermediary function and do our best to support customers in the region.
  In addition, regarding digital services such as online banking and cashless settlement services which we have promoted to improve convenience for customers and operational efficiency in the Group, we will continue to improve and expand such services to meet customers' new needs in their "new lives in the society with the COVID-19".


  In the medium-term management plan, we established our goal to be "a financial group that contributes to customers and local communities by providing the best financial services in the region to create common values and to grow up and develop together with the region." We will continue to make efforts to improve corporate value and shareholder value by achieving that goal and by being chosen in the region.



  We would like to ask for your continued support and patronage.



July, 2020

President  Eishin Ihori
Deputy President   Masahiro Sasahara

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