Management Strategy

Medium-Term Management Plan "Go forward with Our Region"

The Group has formulated a medium-term management plan with a planning period from FY2022 to FY2024. In order to firmly meet the expectations of each stakeholder for the Group, we will take on the challenge of strengthening problem-solving capabilities and reforming our business model.

 Long-term vision

"Sustainable growth together with local communities and customers through problem solving"

 Long-term strategy
Solving more challenges by expanding business domain
  • l  Providing the best consulting services in the region
  • l  Improving services utilizing digital technologies
  • Diversification of services by expanding business domain
Building a management base that supports sustainable growth
  • l  Realization of efficient group management structure
  • l  Building a sales system with an eye on the future
  • Improve productivity through business reforms
Developing a corporate culture through the active participation of employees
  • l  Create a workplace where diverse human resources can play an active role
  • l  Increase work satisfaction and pride in work
  • Creation of highly specialized personnel
 Outline of the Plan
Title Go forward with Our Region
Period 3 Years (April 2022 ~ March 2025)
Positioning A period to challenge priority strategies toward the realization of a long-term vision
 6 crucial strategies

Improvement of comprehensive consulting ability

・Sophistication and expansion of solution menu

・Improvement of transaction profitability by segment strategy

・Strengthening support for COVID-19

・Strengthening proposal capability

Initiatives in the environmental field

・Response to TCFD recommendations

・Reduce our company's CO2 emissions

・Strengthen solutions to business partners

・Strengthen cooperation with local governments and various entities
Promotion of Digital Transformation

・Strengthen digital banking function

・Business reform utilizing digital technologies

Well-being work style

・Improvement of working environment

・Realization of diverse work styles

・Improving the skills of executives and employees
Strengthening group comprehensive capabilities

・Expansion of resource sharing between the two banks

・Providing comprehensive financial services in collaboration
Strengthening governance

・Enhancement of equity capital and shareholder returns

・Sophistication and diversification of operations

・Advanced risk management system


Key indicators


(3 years later)

Long-term goals

(10 years later)
Consolidated Net income Over ¥25 Bn Over ¥35 Bn
Consolidated Capital adequacy ratio In the higher 9% range Over 12%
OHR* In the lower 60% range 50% level
Non Interest Revenue ratio*
(Non Interest  Revenue)

16% level

(Over ¥20 Bn)

Over 18%

(Over ¥25 Bn)
Environment related investment and loan* ¥210 Bn ¥700 Bn

*Total of two banks

Medium-term Management Plan "Go forward with Our Region"

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