a. Planning Group

Planning Group is in charge of planning key policies in allocation of management resources such as employees, delivery channels and finance. The group also deals with planning of measures that draw effect of management integration and monitors the working groups in subsidiary banks.

Strategies regarding HR allocation and training, branch network, and finance (capital policies and investment) are designed through planning long/mid-term management plan and concrete consideration for management issues. The group directs the basic management policies to group companies and shows them guidelines of matters to be  authorized within a subsidiary company and matters to be reported or to be applied for authorization to a holding company, so as to secure integrated management as a corporate group.

The group is also responsible for consolidated accounting, through which the holding company realizes the group's business results as a whole, collects information for decision-making and collaborates with accounting auditors to adapt accounting policy.

The group works for public and investor relations to enhance its corporate brand and social credit.


b. Administration Group

What Administration Group controls are as follows: jobs relating to stocks (holding shareholders’ meeting, paying dividends, advertising to investors, company registration), jobs relating to rules and document (arrangement and announcement of internal rules and documents), jobs relating to employment, daily payment and equipment management.


c. Risk Management Group

Risk Management Group controls integrated policies for various risks like credit risk, compliance risk, interest risk, operational risk in banking system, reputation risk and others. The group is also in charge of monitoring how subsidiary banks manage risks in their related divisions.

More concretely, the group deals with matters such as follows: managing major borrowers, analyzing risk in asset portfolio and establishing loan policy, considering an interest system, and planning cooperation of group companies in case of malfunction of banking system. The groups is responsible for collecting information, considering measures, analyzing risks and send a notice or a report to government agencies in case of scandal.

The group is engaged in making compliance manuals and planning/installing employee training program to avoid compliance risks and enhance corporate image by encouragement of legal mind in group companies.


d. Audit Group

Audit Group is in charge of internal audit, for example, monitoring administration of banking system, information and business processing. The group designs audit policy regarding internal audit executed by group companies, as well as checks their audit process to make sure that the process functions properly.

The group integrates the results of asset assessment from subsidiaries and adjusts their standards in self-assessment, reserves and write-offs. The group strives to share decided standards with Audit & Supervisory Committee of holding company and subsidiary bank as well as related divisions in subsidiary banks.

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